Saturday, May 24, 2014

My 10 Things for Summer!

1. At the end of June I will be going to see my family in NY and I get to see two of my best friends get married!!!! I can not wait for their wedding, they were meant to be.

2. I have a pile of books at least as tall as me to read.

3. I am going to swim and get my tan on all summer long.

4. Clean and organize our spare bedroom.

5. Get my classroom books organized for the upcoming year.

6. SLEEP!!!!

7. Watch a lot of Netflix and daytime TV.

8. Do some crafty projects that have been pinned on Pintrest forever.

9. Continue on my weight loss, hopefully losing another 25 pounds before school starts.

10. Spend a lot of time with Michael, Chen, and Drake.

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  1. Hey, Mandee! My list is very similar to yours! :)
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Sarah :o)
    Mrs. Jones Teaches

  2. Hi Mandee! So many things in common. I also have a pile of books as tall as me and even more on my Nook. As for Pinterest......I went through my craft board last night and made a list of things to go purchase and get busy making stuff!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. That is what I should do on pintrest with crafts so I can get to Michaels soon, now if only to get the motivation to get organized so I can do everything I want to do.