Thursday, May 8, 2014

Awesome Moments

After finishing and linking up to Mrs. Laffin's Laughings Positive Thinking Thursday it reminded me of some really awesome positives that happened today and early this week!

Today: Today we finished our math benchmark, kind of. I had one student who likes to rush take their time and grow to almost where they should be. I had one of my shy kids who doesn't like to brag on themselves go even higher in their benchmark. To see the look on their face when I showed them was priceless. 

Then there is my more challenging student. Can't sit still, can't stop talking, can't stop tapping, can't stop bugging people, very very bright but can't focus so they do poorly on everything. This student can not help it, and I knew it from the beginning of the year. Well this student finally got diagnosed with ADHD and just started taking a low dose to help them focus. Well today during the benchmark this student sat still, took their time, and did not bug anyone. They only became unfocused once because they thought I said their name, but went right back to rocking the benchmark! They are finally able to take their time and doing it, I think everyone will now be able to see how intelligent and wonderful this kiddo really is! I almost cried I was so happy to see them finally being able to reach their potential!

I called all three of their moms after to school to tell them how happy and proud I was of their kids! I could hear the happiness in the moms voices, and they all said that I made their day! It really makes me happy that I could give this joy to all of them involved.

Mondayish: I decided to try out the SLANT box this month, after stumbling upon Lessons with Coffee a few weeks ago. It is and excellent decision and everyone should try it out for June! Go check out all the details!

Anyways I got teamed up with two other teacher/bloggers! The first one is Mrs. Jones! What really amused me about this pairing was that I had just stumbled on her blog a few days before our pairing. I am also paired up with Emily! What I love best about this pairing is that she is from NY, not far from where I am from. I also love that when I say I'm from New York, she won't automatically think I am from the city. (not that Mrs. Jones thought that but so many think/ask that question)

Also today: I found a pair of sandals I can wear to school!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate shoes all together, but seeing how I can't just go barefoot I will settle for sandals.

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