Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday 5/9

This week we worked on Mother's Day gifts! We were finishing up our poetry unit so the students wrote an ode to their mom! Here are two of my girls wonderful writing!
We also did some Mother's Day math cards! I was lucky enough to edit and then get a free copy of this activity! You should all put it in your wishlist! First they have to do a bunch of math and then they get to create an accordion style card to showcase all the hard work their mom (caregiver too!) does for them. I can not wait to hear how moms reacted!

One side:
The other side:

With it being teacher appreciation week I got a lot of love from our parents and kids! Here are some wonderful tulips from one of the kids. You can also kind of see Chen trying to figure out what in the world I brought home.

The TPT sale was amazing!!! And as I thought of what else to add to my five, I realized I forgot my stuff to cut that is laminated at school and I can not get into the school all weekend, so the cutting will have to wait:(

Anyhow here are a few of the things I bought and will be using this upcoming week!

Spring Math Task Cards for 4th Grade Common Core *All Stan Elapsed Time Task Cards Set #2 { Differentiated } Elapsed Time Bundle for Common Core Differentiated Workshe
Grammar and Comprehension Snapshots BUNDLE- Weekly Assessm 
I know this says 2nd/3rd, but it is for sure suitable for 4th too!

This week my kids did their math benchmark, and I was disappointed with half of them because they did not do as well as I know they could. So next week we will be hitting those questions hard.

Finally, nothing school related. Buy, why isn't my complex's pool open!!!! I know the water might be cold, but isn't that the point of swimming? People think I am crazy for wanting to swim, but people in NC do not understand what cold is! I want to swim on these 90 degree days!

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  1. I love the math for moms idea! What a great way to make the kids do some work! The tulips are a great present for a teacher! I still have some perennials in my front flower bed that a student gave me about ten years ago. Every spring they start growing and I think about that kid!

    Happy Friday!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. The mother's day math was awesome, I am so glad I stumbled on her request for a proofer! I have no green thumb so I doubt they will last long. PLus we live in an apartment so I can't plant them outside :(

  2. Hey, friend! :)

    I liked the Mother's Day math cards.

    Sorry about the lamination. Has your school always been like that? We just moved into a brand new school at the beginning of last year and have battled the allowing teachers to have daily access to the building since then. It's gotten better, for sure, but it is still not like we would like it to be. Before the move, there were no alarms or anything, so if something happened and you needed a sub for the next day at 11 pm, there was no problems going to school to set things up for the sub. Now we have certain hours each day that we can have access to the building.

    :) Sarah

    1. Yeah we do too, kind of. It stinks! I could get so much done if I could go in even one Saturday a month!