Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One Word

I love this idea for a resolution! Just come up with one word and that is what you follow to get to what you truly want.

The linky is hosted by Primary Powers though through looking at all the link-ups I found this this, that talks more about why she started this New Year's Tradition.

So now for my one word:

I liked the word when I saw Adventures of a Schoolmarm's post. 
However, I didn't decide it was my word until I saw this definition on Merriam-Webster:
to go on resolutely or stubbornly
in spite of opposition, importunity, or warning

This upcoming year I know at least the first part is going to be tough (a continuation from 2014).

Money sucks so we have to find a new apartment, we were hoping to be moving into a house, but got turned down for the loan because of college debt. My husband's health insurance tripled in monthly cost for us this year, and we have to have it because of his heart, though if the surgery had worked it wouldn't be such a  problem.

I will persists though this though. This is the last time I let the things that I can't control out. I will put back on my stubborn hat and push though.

In some ways being young sucks. Sometimes parents think that I don't know what I am doing in the classroom because I am only 26. Sometimes they think they can walk over me and that things I don't have control over are my fault. This is hard for me because I take it to heart, even though it isn't my fault. 

I will persist though. So what, I'm young? It means that I can relate better to the kids, I am more recently out of college where I learned a trillion ways to help each and every child. And yeah I'm young, and I don't know everything, I will go to those that can help me, which in turn will help your child. 

I will persist. I will go back to being the stubborn Mandee that doesn't let all this junk get in my way, and I know it will get better.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Already?!?

The nice part about not being with family for the holidays is I have a lot of time to do stuff!

Since Saturday I have finished 3 new products, started the fourth, made spelling lists and quizlets for the rest of the school year.

This past weekend I finally saw the ocean! It was so beautiful and cool. I was amazed that it didn't smell. The lake I grew up on smells awful most of the time, but just clear, clean smelling water.

These two I completed earlier this month. I started with the division one because we will be diving into long division after break. Then as I thought more about it, vocabulary instruction is something that I am missing from the awesome interactive notebook set I already use. So now I am working on hitting all the 4th grade vocabulary. 


 Over the weekend I finished geometry and measurement ones.


Also after the break we are also hitting energy in science. We use Discovery Education and Science A-Z to read about different science topics, but we needed a way to put our information sown to review and study at home. Plus I already did the research 

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sunday Scoop

It has been too long! Lets see if I can really get back into the swing of things this time around.

Wednesday at noonish I will be on christmas break!! Thank goodness! You can tell it is is almost Christmas.

I really appreciate that my husband can get health insurance for pretty cheap through the marketplace, however the website is giving me problems and I have been on hold for an hour and a half now waiting to talk to someone...

I am making some Christmas gifts for surprises and I am so excited about them!!

On Friday one of our wonderful EC teachers came to me at the end of the day and told me that her and the rest of my AMAZING 4th grade team is chipping in to send me and my husband to the beach next weekend for our tenth anniversary! It was a huge, amazing surprise and there were tears of joy. I have never been to the ocean (everyone around here says that it's a crime) and we aren't going to NY for Christmas cause it is so expensive, and we weren't going to do anything for our anniversary cause we're broke. But now we get to go to Oak Island, with the dogs and I get to see the ocean! I am so excited and beyond thankful. I can not thank these wonderful ladies enough. Now to find groupons or something fun to do while we're there!

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