Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hi there! (A post that turned into what I've been reading post)

So it has been a bit...

I looked back at all the previous post I've made, apparently I started this in April last year and had at least one post (if not more) monthly until February. I think that is pretty awesome. Then I realize o yeah it has been about 5 months and then I feel not as awesome.

Any-who, it is summer vacation! The kids were done June 4th and I was done June 19th. June 21st I was ready to go back. I know I should enjoy summer but I just love teaching, it really is who I am.

Even though I am ready to go back I have been relaxing and enjoying the pool and reading. This is what I have read so far:


New reads:

I can't put into words how much I love Walk Two Moons and Chasing Redbird. They are books that you just have to read and experience the feeling. I am now working on reading more of Creech's books. My teacher BFF knows how much I love the book and how I would love to teach it, she is helping me acquire a class set so that I can. We are hunting online and used book stores and thrift shops, we are up to I think 13 copies now. I just love her and how much she helps me!

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