Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Scoop 7/19

Have to:
  1. We got all moved in yesterday, now to unpack and organize the house.
  2. Of course the plug for the dryer is different than our old place. It is an easy fix, just why did they have to make two different outlets for the dryer?
  3. We have lots of sweaty dirty clothes to clean too.
Hope to:
  1. I hope to try out the new pool this week, I just love being in the pool!
  2. I have two books to read from the library, I'd really like to get them read this week.
Happy to:
  1. I love summer vacation and hanging with the dogs!

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  1. After moving and unpacking- you totally deserve pool time at your new pool! We had the same issue with the dryer- crazy! Happy Sunday!

  2. Happy reading and pool time!! Congratulations on your new home!!
    -Sandra from Luckynlambie

  3. WOW!!! Enjoy that pool and the books! I am about to head to read myself!! Congrats and enjoy!