Monday, February 23, 2015

Teachers Are Heroes Sale

I have been excited about the TpT sale since I got the e-mail saying there was going to be one! I of course had my fingers crossed that Speech Room News would have the What's in your cart linky!

First let me show you a few of my personal products I have created (click on the picture to go to the product!):


And here is a link to my entire store:

Now here are the things on my list to buy Wednesday during the big sale!

As always I must buy something from Teaching With a Mountain View:
Her math projects are AWESOME!! I love them and she has started creating ELA projects as well. I have already used her sequencing one and in the upcoming week we're using her inferencing one. All of her task cards are amazing, and I am sure that the Analyzing First and Secondhand Accounts and Multi-Part Math Problem task cards will be no different. I love all of her stuff!

There are other AWESOME sellers beside Teaching With a Mountain View, here are a couple I will be purchasing Wednesday as well:

I love these Tri-Folds and with us starting Fractions next week, the sale time is perfect! The best part is that there are 3 different tri-folds for each standard! She does also have a third grade set!

Finally some more poke cards! I love FlapJack's poke cards (and they have inspired me to make some of my own). I just finished my measurement unit, but these will be great for next year and end of year review!

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