Friday, July 3, 2015

Five For Friday

Honestly I have not been doing much since school got out. So first up my fur babies. 

This is Drake sleeping in the small dog bed because he chewed up all the ones that were his size. For some reason he just loves this one.

This is Chen, he always has to be under a blanket and attached to me.

My BFF Teacher friend wanted 5 more chair pockets for her room this year, so becuase I can sew and I like to do this sort of thing I made them for her. With all the fabric she got (with a 60% off coupon) she got 13 of these:

I used duck cloth and this tutorial to make them.

I am moving in 15 days! I went to a used bookstore this week to see if they would buy any of the books and DVDs I had. I was expecting like $20. I walked out with $85 cash and $17 store credit! I also saw this on one of the shelves and it made me giggle.

As most teachers do, I LOVE the Target dollar spot!

I had my eye in this for a week before I actually got an idea as what to do with it. Then it hit me!
I am going to use this to hang up work students missed when they were absent. In the past I taped the paper to the board, half the time I couldn't find the tape. I think this is going to be perfect!

A friend posted this and it makes me giggle. If my dogs were saying this, they would also include all he squirrels they saved us from.

 photo newname_zps462d5627.png


  1. Holidays are great for reflecting and re charging batteries
    Paula’s Place

  2. Haven't seen that Clip Strip at my Targets but it will be perfect for hanging up the missed work! Great idea!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  3. Love your dogs, we also have a great protector from squirrels! That was very kind of you to do all that sewing, I was a sewer many moons ago and have been considering it again, but I'm a bit lazy. The book store sign is great! my favorite is fact 3. have a great summer, Paula

    1. Thank you, dogs are just the best!

      The sewing wasn't bad it took like 10-15 minutes per chair pocket. However the cutting took forever.