Friday, July 24, 2015

Five for Friday 7/24

Saturday we moved! It was exhausting! Driving the truck was terrifying, but I did it.

Also thank God for my team mate and her husband. My husband's heart decided to act up, so last minute they came over to help us.

Everything is in the apartment, and 90% unpacked!

I discovered a very important life lesson during the move: do plug in a cord if it isn't attached to anything on the other end, especially a dryer power cord because it is about 30 amps.

Our new apartment is older so we had to switch the power cord out. Before attaching it to the dryer I wanted to make sure it fit in the outlet. Well, if you do that the power has nowhere to go and there is a big electrical flash and a mark on your wall. My husband than explained to me the electricity needs somewhere to go when it gets turned on.

At least now I have a great lesson to teach the kids when we do electricity in science.

This is probably my favorite spot in the apartment. This is the craft closet, before being unpacked. It is about 90% organized now, but I just love it! Drake, loves smelling around in it also.

In our old place we had a bar that we used for pictures and candles. At the new place that is the only downfall in my mind so far. So I am thinking about getting a set of these for the living room.

Today my teammate (hopefully two of them) are going to a book store that I saw in one of my Facebook groups.

It's called Fifth Street Books and is in Mebane, NC. They have thousands of book, and teachers get books for 25 cents with your ID. I am super excited!

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  1. Oh dear! What an "Exciting" moving adventure with the electricity event. Hoping things calm down now as you get all settled in. Enjoy the bookstore! Sounds divine!
    Joya :)

    1. Thank you, things are calming down now!

  2. Hi There!

    I just hopped over from Five for Friday. Thanks for sharing about your electricity mishap! That sounds EXACTLY like something I would do....and now I won't. ;)

    Surprisingly Seventh

    1. It makes me feel so much better that others wouldn't have thought twice either! My husband looked at me like "how could you?!?!"

  3. That electricity "lesson" is crazy! I never knew that would happen!

    My Bright Blue House