Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Scoop

Have to do...
  1. Michael is suppose to go over 6 months for a check up from the heart doctor, it had been 8, so we are finally going on Tuesday. Everything has been fine, so I am not worried about this appointment. I am more glad to have something to do. Which leads me to..
  2. I have been on summer vacation since June 20, I was ready to go back to school on the 22nd. I am bored of sitting around with not much to do. I am enjoying it some, but I am for sure a person who was made to work.
  3. We are moving to a new apartment in 13 days!! I have packed what I can, we really only have the kitchen and our clothes to pack, and the last minute bathroom things. So now I am cleaning what I can, which honestly I have done 90% of already. 

Hope to do...
  1. I love my dogs, I really do. However I hate that every morning between 6:30 and 7:00 they find a way to wake me up. I can never fall back asleep. It is summer I should be sleeping until 8:00!!
  2. I started watching Scandal on Netflix this weekend. I LOVE it! I will more likely than not finish it this week. Awesome show!
Happy to do...

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