Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Scoop 7/12

Have to do:

  1. All that is left for packing is to pack the kitchen, our clothes, and technology. The technology will go in a bag Saturday morning, the kitchen will be basically packed today, and the clothes go in trash bags Thursday. (Seriously,  trash bags are the best way to pack clothing)
  2. Friday at 1:00 we will sign the lease for our new apartment!
  3. The worst part of moving is cleaning the old apartment. I really don't want to get charged with anything, though we know we'll have to pay some for the carpet.
Hope to do:

  1. Michael's heart doctor said he really needs to exercise more. So around 8:00 every other night we have been taking the dogs for a 20ish minute walk around the the complex, it has been really nice. I hope we can keep this up!
  2. I'd also like to read some this week, this past week I finished The Fault in our Stars.
Happy to do:

  1. MOVE!!! I am not really happy about the physical moving of stuff part, but I am very happy to be in the new place. We will be saving about $200 a month and they are working on building a dog park. I am also excited because the ceilings are normal instead of these 9 feet ones we have now, which should mean lower electricity bills! 

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  1. Good luck with moving! I feel you on the packing everything up part... We just moved my boyfriend's entire house. It was a long few days... Whew! But I wish you well in getting things packed up so you can enjoy your new place and hopefully some reading and dog park time!

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