Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Currently

Over the past month I have been waiting for Michael;s surgery to happen. Well it happened yesterday morning. The doctor couldn't get rid of the part that sends him into SVT. 98% of people that have his condition (WPW) have the extra pathway on the inside of the heart. He of course falls into the 2% and has the pathway on the outside of the heart. It would be a different surgery and more risky to go in and try to get rid of it. So it is staying on the medication as long as it keeps working.

So it all just sucks. We were really hoping for it to work so we could have a bit of a different way of life. And I could stop being scared that he was going to call me at any moment saying he was in SVT and needed to go to the hospital.

But, he is alive and well, so I am trying not to complain too much. But, it does all suck.

I do love my friends/co-workers that have been helping me out this past month. Laura has my two babies (dogs) and is taking great care of them while we are in the hospital. Which is one of the awesome things about this hospital, I got to stay over night! My whole 4th grade team ROCKS! They have let me ramble on and on about stressing over the surgery, they are helping make sure I have all my copies for Monday. They have put up with my being all over the placeness.

As for a treat: everyone NEEDS to try pumpkin pie toaster strudels. THEY ARE AMAZING!! Best pumpkin spice thing EVER!

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  1. Prayers for your husband and for you. I know that is super tough. Thank goodness for a great team who will take care of things for you while you are gone.
    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Prayers for your family. Sounds like you have some good support to help you through it though! I haven't tried the pumpkin pie ones but I love me some toaster strudels!

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

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