Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Scoop 9/28

I have mentioned it in the last three Sunday Scoops about prepping for different aspects of getting ready for Michael's surgery. Michael has a heart condition where instead of having one electrical pathway for his heart to beat, he has 3. #1 is the normal one that is needed, #2 does nothing, and #3 can send him into SVT with a heart rate of somewhere between 160-200 BPM. Terrifying to see and results in trips to the ER.

This is something he was born with and it didn't start acting up really until a few years ago. We tried the surgery to get it fixed, but the catheter could only go in 4 mm and the spot they needed to get to was 6 mm in. Devastating. 

He has been on medicine to control it and it has been fine, until June. During my teacher work days in June he called me at work to tell me he was in SVT. We went to the ER and he was at like 190 BPM. So after waiting to get into see the surgeon at the beginning of the month, the doctor thinks he can get it. So we are trying it again. 

As far as heart surgery goes it is low risk, they use catheters to get in and fuse the pathway closed. If it works, he is healed. No mroe medicine nor more worrying about getting that phone call to go to the ER. If it doesn't work, he stays on the medicine and there is always the chance he will go into SVT. If they can't get his heart rate down, bad things can happen. And once again we will be devastated.

My head has been consumed with hoping for it to work this time. I can not wait to get it over with and go back to being in the swing of things and not thinking about this.
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  1. I will be thinking of you and your husband, and looking forward to hearing an update once the surgery is over and everything has settled down. I hope everything goes smoothly, and they are able to correct his problem so that you no longer need to worry about problems!

    4th Works

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts! I will do my best to remember to update after the surgery!

  2. Wishing you well this week. I'll be back to check for an update. Take care of yourself and your family!

    Techie Turtle Teacher