Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to School First Day Procedures Hop

In college we were told a million times teach procedures before anything else!
So welcome to stop #2 on the school procedures hop!!!

It's all fine and dandy to be told that is what you have to do, but how do you make it fun for them, while still keeping yourself in check?

That is something I had asked myself and at the beginning of last year, I did the normal go over the rules and practice. Throughout the year though I kept thinking to myself I did not do the best job I could at teaching the rules and procedures as I could have. I also knew I forgot a bunch of procedures I never taught. Of course I do teach fourth grade, so the kids deep down do know the basics of what is expected of them.

This year though I promised myself I would do better, but how?

Earlier this summer as I was enjoying browsing TpT. I was mainly looking at task cards, because I am in love with them <3.

That's when it hit me! Teach procedures with task cards and scoot! So I set out to work to create my own task cards for teaching procedures. 

Simple, but cute and will help us review the classroom procedures and expectations. 

My plan is to first go over the expectations in the typical ways, practicing with role playing the correct and incorrect way to do things. I will use the task cards to help myself in making sure I remember to teach all of them. Then we will play scoot!

The great thing is alter in the year when we're having a hard time remembering how fourth graders should act, I can whip these out and play a game to remember our expectations.

If you would like these task cards you can find them as a freebie in my store:

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  1. I love the task cards! You could even use them to review the procedures through the year. When you had an extra minute, you could grab a task card and ask the question. That would be an easy way to keep reviewing procedures and expectations through the year! Thanks so much for joining the Blog Hop!

    Primary on the Prowl