Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday 7/25

Time to link up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

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I am so ready to go back to school. I miss routine and seeing how my school is moving buildings, I and dying to see my room!!!

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Wednesday I took the dogs to the dog park. I cut a couple of sets of task cards while they ran around like crazy. The laid around the house the rest of the day and the next day.
*Also I have been getting into Instagram, follow me @mrs.ashlinesrules!

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I FINALLY finished prepping 24 of these bad boys:

This is Kelly Malloy's Kicking It Multiplication Fact Fluency. I am so excited to use this and the division set this year. She also had addition and subtraction. What makes this set even better (in my mind) is that I got it for half off during 2 for Tuesday! 

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This is Drake, he was being weird and licking his paw, which is really out of the ordinary for him. My husband finally got him to let him look and we found a little cut on the pad of his foot. This is Drake's baby look:
Photo: Such a baby.

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Earlier this week I got this flash freebie from Your Thrifty Co-Teacher:
Daily Fix It (Sentence Editing) Year Long Pack - Common Co
I have been trying to decide what to do for morning work this year, and I believe this is at least part of the answer!!
 photo newname_zps462d5627.png


  1. Isn't it funny when a pet has expressions on their little faces. All of my cats have sweet smiles and they can all look mean at me!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. I agree! Some people just don't see how animals truly have their own personality and show it!

  2. I purchased the Write It Right pack and it looks amazing! I can't wait to use it either! I’m gearing up for a big giveaway on my blog on August 11 - come stop by so you don’t miss it!!
    Beyond The Gradebook

  3. How exciting!! A new classroom! Even though it can be a pain in the butt, I love changing classroom because it gives you a chance to get really organized and declutter some stuff. :) When can you get into your classroom???
    Mixing it up in Middle

    1. I am so excited!!! I still have to go through my stuff to declutter what I didn't feel like at the end of the year.

      We're not sure yet, the building is still being retrofitted, but is suppose to be done by the 31. The latest we'll be able to go in is August 11, but all us teachers are hoping sooner.