Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Peek at my Week 7/20

I haven't been linking up with Mrs. Laffin;s Laughings for a Peek at my Week because, in all honesty, I haven't been doing anything. But here I go, be warned it will probably be boring.

I recently found a dog park nearby that I am in love with and so are the dogs! I hope to go there a few times this week.

I also recently joined Instagram with my blog (@mrs.ashlinesrules) to get more connected with teachers. If you look on there you will see a small snip-it of the 300+ pages I've laminated and now need to cut out. Hopefully I can finish it this week, then I need to move on to really organizing all of my teaching stuff.

Tuesday my team and I are going to the lake. I don't know what lake, but I trust them and I know we'll have a wonderful time.

The most exciting thing is on Tuesday we celebrate living in NC for a year. I really do love it here and can not wait to spend more years here.
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  1. I'm a new follower on IG - good luck with that cutting!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. I love taking Millie to the dog park. She has so much fun and then crashes for hours. Have fun at the lake!

    Fit to be Fourth

    1. The after part is always the best! I love how they are so chill and don't bark at the geese out the windows all night!