Friday, July 18, 2014

Five For Friday 7/18

Time to link up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

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I was driving down the road and found this on the side of the road! Free shelf! Just needs so sprat paint and the doors taken off.

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I am trying to get my Pintrest organized. Big problem: my attention span has become so short, so it is taking forever.

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Yesterday I finally finished cutting all of the task cards I have printed/bought. Sadly, my dogs can't help me :(

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Today my goal is to laminate it all!

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I don't really have another one because I have spent a lot of time sleeping and just checking out teacher blogs and Pintrest.

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  1. I have that shelf too! I was thinking of spray painting it too but didn't know what kind to use. Do you have any ideas?

    1. I am doing mine black and then I found some glitter spray paint so I';m going to add some sparkles! I thought about doing it in a light blue, but my baskets are neon pink so it wouldn't look very nice.

  2. I need to do visit some garage sales and get in on some of these amazing side of the road finds! Congrats on finishing all your task cards. I usually become bored after one or two sets and send them off to some classroom helper to do it for me. Do scissors hurt your fingers when you cut so many? They hurt mine!

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