Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Well I am a slacker and have been ignoring this blog. So here is a hodge podge of what has been going on!

I received enough money for four tablets and cases at the beginning of February, within 3 days the cases arrived! However, DC is saying my tablets are not available and they are working on a replacement. So I am super excited the money came through, now if only the tablets would be here too!

I saw this division with post-its and decided to try it with my fourth graders because some of them just thought I was crazy when talking about long division. I have to say it did really help some of my kiddos! I am proud to say that all 21 of my kiddos can do long division (maybe not perfectly, but they can do it)!!

Then I got this for Valentine's Day from one of my kiddos I had last year:
I may have cried a little.

Finally, if you don't go to Michael's to buy stickers, you need to start. For 85 cents (if you use your teacher ID) you get a ton of adorable stickers.
Baby bees sleeping in flowers = too cute
Jungle animals = adorable ( minus the snakes)
Owls with glasses! = OMG

These are just the ones I got today, they always have seasonal ones and they are all adorable and awesome when grading papers!

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