Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Scoop November 9

Time for Sunday Scoop with The Teaching Trio!

Finding stuff to teach NC SS at a 4th grade level is close to impossible. Coming from NY where there is an abundance of resources, makes it even more frustrating for me. So I am working on making some centers about NC government and constitution, and I want to make myself have it done today, or this week at the latest. 

I am very happy to be there for my kiddos when they need someone. Of course I wish they didn't have to go through the stuff they're going through, but I know they appreciate me being there. One of my students had her step mom leave dad, and she had been around for a very long time. One of my other students just found out his mom has cancer. They're too young to have to put up with this stuff, but I guess it is a part of life they have to go through.
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  1. I like your hope to dos! Exercise seems to be on my hope to do list a lot lately. Should probably try to move it to my have to do. I'm sorry your kiddos are going through some tough stuff lately. Glad they have someone like you to be there for them!

    Techie Turtle Teacher

  2. Wow. It sounds like your kiddos have had a hard time. Clearly you know that they need you and that is special! I wonder if anyone ever actually checks laundry off of their have to list?! Thanks for linking up!

    Funky in Fourth
    Teaching Trio